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Terms of use of the website www.wess-parts.lv

General terms of use of www.wess-parts.lv

1. Before using AS WESS Select (registration No 40003609098, address: 123 Kārļa Ulmaņa Gatve, Mārupe, Mārupe Municipality, LV-2167) website www.wess-parts.lv, please carefully read these terms of use of the website www.wess-parts.lv (hereinafter referred to as the Terms).
2. As the website www.wess-parts.lv is understood AS WESS Select created website with the Internet address www.wess-parts.lv with all contained information and materials.
3. By visiting the website www.wess-parts.lv or using the contained information about products and provision of services, you personally or the person represented by you, if you act on their behalf, agree to these Terms.
4. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not visit and do not use the website www.wess-parts.lv, as well as do not use the services offered by and information contained at it.
5. We inform you that the purpose of processing of information (including data of natural persons) entered at AS WESS Select website www.wess-parts.lv is provision of services indicated at it and provision of assistance during use of the website www.wess-parts.lv.
6. AS WESS Select is entitled to change content and terms of use of the website www.wess-parts.lv unilaterally at any time. Such changes enact after publishing at the website www.wess-parts.lv.
7. After you commence using the website www.wess-parts.lv or perform any activities at the mentioned website, it is considered that you have acquainted yourself with the Terms valid at the time of using and will observe them. Each website user has a duty to review the Terms regularly, in order to be duly aware of the changes of the Terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, it is forbidden to use the website.
8. The website www.wess-parts.lv users are entitled to use the possibilities and services offered at it for the price valid at the tome of offering of the respective service. AS WESS Select is entitled to change prices specified at the website www.wess-parts.lv and/or create new paid services at its discretion at any time.
9. In order to become a website www.wess-parts.lv registered user, you must observe the registration procedure in force at the website www.wess-parts.lv.
10. Each user registered at the website www.wess-parts.lv has a duty to not disclose their access data to other persons. If activities are performed at the website www.wess-parts.lv with the registered user’s profile (including purchase of products and/or services) using the correct username and password, it is considered that the registered user personally has performed the activities in the respective profile.
11. The website user agrees to receive information from the website www.wess-parts.lv on various actualities.
12. AS WESS Select is not responsible for any expenses and losses caused during use of the website www.wess-parts.lv.
13. In case of uncertainty regarding completion of forms of documents at AS WESS Select website www.wess-parts.lv please contact the specified website www.wess-parts.lv contact person.

Use of services offered by www.wess-parts.lv

14. You must always act according to the procedure specified at the website www.wess-parts.lv.
15. Do not use information at the website www.wess-parts.lv maliciously. You may only use the services offered at the website in accordance with the valid regulatory enactments. AS WESS Select is entitled to suspend or discontinue provision of services, if compliance with the terms of use of the website www.wess-parts.lv has not been ensured during ordering.
16. When requesting AS WESS Select or a person representing it to make changes in a registered incomplete order, please take into account that the changes can be applied for by e-mailing to parts@wess.lv from the e-mail address specified in the order or contacting AS WESS Select by calling from the phone number specified in the order to www.wess-parts.lv phone: 67 004 700.
17. Having detected errors or inaccuracies in product prices or descriptions at the website www.wess-parts.lv, until instalment of the payment for a specific product, AS WESS Select is entitled to cancel the distance contract unilaterally. As an exception, AS WESS Select may cancel the distance contract in cases, where the distance contract has been concluded with the other party’s malice, or fraud, or coercion; due to defects of the ordered product; due to disproportionate loss suffered by any party; due to delayed payment for the product and in other cases provided for by regulatory enactments.
18. Use of the website www.wess-parts.lv grants no title to the content that may be accessed. It is forbidden to use the content of information at the website www.wess-parts.lv, unless there is a permission of the owner of this consent or any other permission in accordance with the law. These Terms grant no right to use any brand or logo contained at the website www.wess-parts.lv. It is forbidden to remove, make illegible or change notices seen at the website www.wess-parts.lv or provided through mediation of the website www.wess-parts.lv.
19. The website www.wess-parts.lv depicts content and description of products and other information that is AS WESS Select property.

Price and procedure of payments
All prices of products at www.wess-parts.lv are specified including 21% value-added tax. Offered prices are valid during the period specified at the product. Product delivery service costs are not included in the product price.
Ordered products and chosen delivery services may be paid by a bank card, using a bank transfer, it is also possible to pay at the time of receiving the products in cash or by a payment card (only in store at 123 Kārļa Ulmaņa Gatve, Mārupe, Mārupe Municipality).
When making an order, it is necessary to specify the e-mail address, so that the customer can be sent manuals, invoice and other necessary documents.
When ordering products, we offer choosing one of three product receipt options: free of charge – the ordered products are received in the store at 123 Kārļa Ulmaņa Gatve23, Mārupe, Mārupe Municipality, economy delivery – the ordered products are received in a parcel machine at any of Latvian biggest shopping centres, Latvijas Pasts comfort delivery – courier company delivers the ordered products to the specified address. In all cases the product delivery time is agreed during placing the order.
The ordered products must be received within three working days after www.wess-parts.lv informed that the order has been prepared for receipt.

Consent to receive notifications via email and phone
25. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree to receive notices, agreements, order details, and other communications (collectively, "Notices") from us by email or mobile phone. You agree that notices sent by email or regular mail comply with the terms and conditions applicable to such written communications. If you do not agree to receive notices from this Website, please stop using this website and its services as WESS Select cannot provide the full range of services to users who do not receive notifications from www.wess-parts.lv.
26. Please note that the notices referred to in this paragraph do not apply to opt-in marketing information that you may choose to obtain from the Website at your sole discretion, unless WESS Select informs the customer of a general promotion in the e-store, store offer items.
Warranty Terms

All products purchased at www.wess-parts.lv have 2 years manufacturer’s warranty. 
Claims concerning defects that occurred during operation of the spare part may be submitted during its warranty period. The warranty period begins on the day when the part is installed in the vehicle.
The warranty is invalid in case of defects not caused through the Seller's or the Manufacturer’s fault, e. g., due to improper operation, accident, installation not in accordance with the Manufacturer’s requirements, exposure to chemicals, etc.
The spare parts listed below are considered wearing parts, which is why a limited warranty is applicable to them:  
Brake discs (thickness measurements are performed, in order to exclude that the discs are not worn out) – vibration up to 30 000 km, noise up to 20 000 km
Wipers (front and rear window, as well as headlights) – up to 3 months / 5 000 km (whichever comes first)
Bulbs – 12 months 
31. Legal entities that are not the Consumer are only provided the Manufacturer’s specified warranty period. 
32. We inform you that the manufacturer’s warranty provisions are in force, if the buyer can produce: 
32.1.the document confirming the purchase (receipt, invoice); 
32.2. manufacturer’s or distributor’s warranty card (in case where manufacturer or distributor has included such card in the product package). 
33. Manufacturer’s warranty conditions are not in force in case of damages caused through the buyer's or the user's fault, namely: 
33.1. the product has damages of warranty seals, serial numbers; 
33.2. the product has not been used for the intended purpose or has not been operated as it is specified in the operation manual of the product; 
33.3. scratched, damaged constructions, cracked screen, water poured in places not designed for this purpose, care for the product has been performed using inadequate means, foreign objects found in the product, insects entered into the product, or any other signs witnessing incorrect operation of the product; 
33.4. if the damage has been caused by feed voltage, telecommunications, cable networks not conforming to the manufacturer’s defined standards, rapid temperature fluctuations, as well as other household and external factors, e. g., soot, smoke, dust, humidity, impacts, scratches; 
33.5. if the product shows signs of unskilled repairs; 
33.6. in case of natural wear-and-tear of elements. 
33.7. if non-standard power supply units, accessories and spare parts have been used with the product that the manufacturer has not certified for use with a specific product and this caused damage of this product; 
33.8. warranty is not applicable to additional equipment – batteries, earphones, connecting cables, charging devices, control panels). 
33.9. if the buyer has used the product for production or professional purposes (in case where a specific product is not intended for such purposes); 
33.10. warranty is invalid, if damages have been caused by incorrect transportation of the product. 

Terms of using the right of withdrawal
34. You have the right to withdraw from this agreement without specifying the reason within fourteen (14) days.
35. Use of the right of withdrawal will end after 14 days, starting from the day, when you have received or a third party that is not a transporter and have been specified by you has received the products to your or their possession.
36. In order to use the right of withdrawal, you must inform us – AS WESS Select (registration No 40003609098, address: 123 Kārļa Ulmaņa Gatve, Mārupe, Mārupe Municipality, LV-2167), phone: 67004700, e-mail address: part@wess.lv  about the decision to withdraw from this agreement.
37. For the term of the right of withdrawal to be observed, it is sufficient to send your notice of using the right of withdrawal before the end of the term of the right of withdrawal.

Conditions of the right of withdrawal:
38. Package of the product must be original and without damages. The product must be clean and without signs of use.
39. The products without properly executed return papers will be compensated to the Customer in the amount of 70% of the value specified in the invoice.
40. The products that were incorrectly sold or not timely delivered through WESS Select AS fault are compensated by the Supplier in the amount of 100% of their value within 14 days from the date of invoice.
41. The products that were ordered by the Customer from AS WESS Select warehouses by mistake are subject to 100% compensation by the Supplier, if 14 days have not passed from the date of invoice.
42. Cost of transport and additional services is not subject to compensation by the Supplier.
43. The products ordered personally for the Customer from factories or BMW Group warehouses are not returnable and their cost will not be compensated.
44. The following product groups are not subject to return:
a. Car electronics components (sensors, relays, ignition coils, fuses, bulbs, etc.)
b. Oils and lubricants (excluding transmission oils)
c. Chemicals and technical liquids
d. Bicycle repair consumables 
The above groups of products can only be returned in exceptional cases and only by prior agreement with WESS Select AS representative.
45. Returns are processed within 30 days from the moment when the product arrives to WESS Select AS central warehouse.
46. The products that are not subject to compensation are stored in WESS Select AS warehouse for one calendar month starting from the day of the decision. After this time the products are to be be disposed of.
47. The products that are not subject to compensation are sent back to the Customer upon request, shipping costs are added.
48. WESS Select AS reserves the right to change the conditions of returning the products, informing the Customer thereof at least 7 days before the new conditions enact.
49. Pictures of the products that can be seen in the webstore www.wess-parts.lv may be slightly different from the offered product. In order to update or specify the product characteristic or eliminate uncertainty related to ordering thereof, please contact us by e-mail: parts@wess.lv.
50. AS WESS Select informs that, having detected loss of value of the returned product, it will address the court with a statement of claim for compensation of loss caused to AS WESS Select in result of the consumer’s activities.

Conditions of returning bodies and products with the exchange fund.
51. Return of bodies is executed electronically or on a correctly completed Return of Products form in writing.
52. Completed product return form printed out a correctly completed Return of Products form in writing must be attached to the body.
53. The body must be cleaned and packed in the manufacturer’s original package.
54. The body is only subject to compensation if it is possible to identify it, the body is complete and has no physical damages.
55. Body must not have corrosion, signs of welding, perforation rust and mechanical damages.
56. Period for processing body returns is up to 20 days from the moment when it arrives to WESS Select AS central warehouse.
57. Bodies that are not subject to compensation are stored in WESS Select AS warehouse for one calendar month from the date of the decision. After this time the body is to be disposed of.
58. Bodies that are not subject to compensation are sent back to the Customer upon request, the shipping cost is added.